"Films of Winfluence" Film Show and Panel Discussion on Women's Wealth and Influence

Tuesday 10 November 2015

 "Films of Winfluence" a film show and panel discussion on the Women’s Wealth and Influence program was held in Colombo, Sri Lanka narrating the stories of women leaders of the country.

Panel Discussion with the women leaders from Batticaloa and Matara

The “Films of Winfluence” event showcased four documentary films based on individual and group stories of women’s empowerment. This was followed by a panel discussion, which included six women leaders from Matara and Batticaloa. These panellists spoke about their journey to success, the challenges they faced, and how they overcame these difficulties using various strategies.  The panellists thereafter enthusiastically answered the questions posed by the audience members.  In addition to the film show and the panel discussion, “The Women’s Wealth and Influence Story Book” was also launched at the event, with the first copy presented to the Ambassador of the European Union, His Excellency David Daly was the guest of honour. 

This book consisted of the success stories of individual women and women’s groups from Sri Lanka and Central Asia. This engaging book will also be used by the women’s groups as a guide from which they can learn and grow.


The welcome speech was given by the Country Director of Save the Children, Mr. William Lynch, who described the conception of the idea for Women’s Wealth and Influence, its successes, and other key highlights about the program.

Distinguished guests from ministries and other government bodies, diplomatic missions, International Non-governmental organizations, Non - governmental organizations, as well as the media took part in this event.  

 The Women’s Wealth and Influence program which has been replicated in countries such as India and Central Asia has been piloted in Southern and Eastern parts of Sri Lanka. The program funded through the EU project “Empowering Vulnerable Women in Sri Lanka” has the technical expertise of Save the Children, and is supported by the Civil Societies in Matara and Batticaloa, the Institution for Development of Community Strength (INDECOS), and the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) in Batticaloa respectively. The Women’s Wealth and Influence program has the eager participation of 3629 women from 400 groups.