Flood waters cannot take away Prabodhi's Will

Friday 17 June 2016

“One day I want to become a nurse and take care of patients. That’s my dream as I want to give something to the society.” says 16 years old Probodhi from Kolonnawa, Colombo- Sri Lanka which was affected by recent floods.

“That night we were at home when the water level was up to the knees. Gradually it increased. Then we collected our important documents such as birth certificates, and stored other belongings in the cupboards. We never thought that the water level would rise up to the roof. Unfortunately, all our belongings went under water despite of our futile effort to protect them. Once my family became displaced we stayed in a temple for two weeks”

Prabodhi who is in grade 11 is about to face Ordinary Level examination in this year which is an important juncture in her education.

“I have lost most of my books and notes which I need to prepare for the examination”

But Prabodhi is not ready to give up after the first ever flood seen in her life affected her and the family in this way.

“Teachers and other friends are helping children like us who got affected by floods. Arrangements are being made to provide us lost study notes.”

Not only her education, but livelihoods of Prabodhi’s family also got affected. She says, “My mother was self-employed and making ornaments at home. All those goods cannot be used now due to the floods”

Save the Children provided school kits for the children affected by the floods in Kolonnawa where Prabodhi and her friends live.

“I would like to thank Save the Children on behalf of the children who were supported by giving us educational items which are very useful for us to continue our education. Also I wish Save the Children strength to continue this kind of good deeds” says Prabodhi with glittering eyes.