Launch of Report on Child Centric Budget Analysis

Wednesday 26 February 2014

Child Centric Budget Analysis (CCBA), also known as Budget for Children (BfC) analysis, is an exercise done to gain an understanding of the financial resources allocated by the State to ensure the wellbeing of its child citizens as well as the ‘optimum budgeting’ that is needed to meet the core needs of the country’s children. A CCBA was conducted in Sri Lanka in 2011 by the Child Rights Advocacy Network (CRAN) with the technical and financial assistance of Save the Children in Sri Lanka. This is the first instance where an attempt was made to conduct a systematic and comprehensive analysis of the national budget in Sri Lanka based on child focused indicators.

The report of CCBA was launched in July 2013 with the participation of government stakeholders. The launch was well attended by Ministers, Deputy Ministers, members of the National Budget Committee, Academia and Civil Society. The launch was celebrated with Ministry of Child Development and Women’s Affairs, and the Reconciliation Forum in Sri Lanka.

The main recommendations of the CCBA:

Short-term – children to be made visible in the State budget by presenting disaggregated data on the expenditure for children, in terms of the programme activities and the demographics.

Long-term – a separate budget for children to be formulated.