Child Protection

Save the Children is committed to eradicating all forms of violence and abuse against children. We support both government and community-based child protection systems to provide protection for children. We work closely with the government authorities to reunify children who have been in state and voluntary homes with their families.  We are working to make courts friendly to children. We carry out protection activities even during displacement and emergencies by setting up child protection committees and recreational spaces for children.

We are researching and addressing the root causes of child protection issues through a series innovations.[1]  At local and national level we strengthen the capacities of duty bearers, such as governmental and non-governmental service providers, and to advocate with government counterparts for the fulfilment of children’s rights.


Child Sex Trafficking in the Tourism Sector in Sri Lanka Research

This qualitative research focused on generating an in-depth understanding on child sex trafficking in the tourism sector in Sri Lanka. The main research questions were: (a) What are the experiences of child victims of trafficking? (b) How can children who are vulnerable to trafficking be identified and supported early, to prevent them from being trafficked into the sex tourism industry? (c) How can victims of trafficking be identified for timely interventions? These questions also required understanding about children who were particularly vulnerable to trafficking and the push & pull factors that lead children to become victims.


Guidelines for Law Enforcement Officials on Interviewing Child Victims of Trafficking

The purpose of these guidelines is to assist law enforcement officials, especially those working at the Police Women and Children Desk, to conduct child sensitive identification, screening and interviewing of children suspected to have experienced trafficking. This guide was deloped together with the IOM.


Strengthening Counter Trafficking Efforts (SCOUT) in Sri Lanka - Project brief

This document provides a brief overview of Save the Children Sri Lanka's project titled ‘Strengthening Counter-Trafficking Efforts (SCOUT)’. This project that was funded by the U.S. Department of State (Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons) and has been implemented in partnership with IOM and nine local Civil Society Organizations (CSOs).


Guidance note on the Identification, Protection and Referral of Child Victims of Trafficking

Guidance note on the Identification, Protection and Referral of Child Victims of Trafficking is a Supplement to the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) on the Identification, Protection and Referral of Victims of Trafficking in Sri Lanka.